Building up your Ace Team

We’ve pitched you the A-B-C’s of branding, marketing & finances in our previous articles. Now it’s time to play it smart by knowing that a true entrepreneur has a strong grip and has come to terms on legal wisdom, the value of human resources, and create leverage out of investments and taxes.

Ace Team

The value of Human Resources has seen growth in popularity and trending on every business investment checklist since a bit before the Covid19 pandemic and will continue to bloom in the future. It’s a simple reason why too, invest in your people and your company will grow like a miracle in your garden. By valuing your team, you’ll have access to the best, high level, well qualified, and happy team members that have the potential to become assets to your business or brand. 

Obviously, if your startup goes from launch to unicorn stardom, your team will grow beyond your ability to know all the fine people that work under your vision. It’s great to have a holiday bash such as the famous “Christmas party”, but it’s important to keep in mind a few stronger points when constructing a fair and appealing work package for your staff. 

  • Work/Life Balance: There must be a balance between personal and professional life in order to achieve work-life harmony. There is a strong philosophical foundation for work-life balance in Lillian Moller Gilbreth's writings.
  • Benefits & Insurance: As part of a benefit plan is only designed to cover specific expenditures. However, in an insurance arrangement, the insurer is responsible for taking on any potential risks. Health and Dental are the two most popular forms of keeping your new recruit happy and safe within your organization. 
  • Team Building: Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. Go have fun with your people to discover their competitor drive and team spirit! 
  • Salary: Also known as “payday”, payment given by an employer to an employee, usually on a monthly basis but sometimes represented as a yearly sum, especially to a professional or white-collar worker. 
  • Perks and Bonuses: The words "perk" and "bonus" are extremely similar in their meanings. As a general rule, a perk is a benefit or an advantage, regardless of the context. Any additional incentive that is received is called a bonus.
  • Training & Education: When someone is trained, they are being taught certain abilities. Learning takes place in the classroom or at any other institution, and it's all about acquiring theoretical information. In contrast to education, training is a method for developing specialized abilities. It is a preparation for the current work.
  • Right to Work: Workers have the right to work and should not be stopped from doing so, based on the human right to labor. It’s important that the concepts of Work Visa & Permits are part of the necessary documents to fully reap the right to work which also varies depending on the country… or you can buy a “Gold Visa”. 
  • Work Culture: In the workplace, work culture refers to a set of attitudes, beliefs, and actions that make up the normal atmosphere. While addressing the well-being of employees, a healthy workplace culture aligned team member behaviors and corporate regulations with the firm's ultimate aims and values will only add positive value.

“You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.” – Katie Thurmes

Globally, the issue of work-life balance is being discussed and debated by some of the world's most prominent individuals. It’s so important that social media sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are constantly monitoring and creating expectations in relation to the entire package, not only the opportunities being offered to people job hunting. Cultivating the proper conditions for your people that will work with you from Mon-Friday will only make your startup’s life easier and more efficient in so many ways.

Stay tuned on our ‘Starting up a StartUp’ article series, where we discuss all the pin-points for launching a new business. In the meantime, head on over to our main homepage to see how Unicorn Workspaces Portugal can fill you in on how to obtain your own office space to get some work done in Lisbon. 

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