New approaches to Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health & the Workplace

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After two years of navigating a global pandemic, tensions are high and it's just natural that we’re all a little angrier these days.

While we’re often told that anger is harmful, irrational, and should be suppressed, there are ways to channel it productively. Learn 6 strategies of using anger in more positive ways.

Crucial Changes

Many articles and books have been written on the subject of burnout recently. This week we bring a piece from Dr. Justin D. Henderson (psychologist, educator, and organizational consultant) that proposes a shift in how we approach the burnout phenomenon.

"A great deal of the public focus on burnout has zeroed in on the skills and deficits of individual workers all the while three decades of research has demonstrated that work environments, not individual workers, have the greatest impact on the possibility of burnout and worker turnover."

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Click here for the full article and check why Dr. Henderson believes that self-care is not always the solution for burnout.

Community Insights

📌 Portugal is the country with the biggest growth in patent registration according to the  European Patent Office. Information Technology and Transportation are two of the fields that helped boost that number.

📌 Not only there is no "planet B", but the economic impact of Climate Change tends to, of course, increase. New studies estimate a 4% loss in global annual economic outputs by 2050, hitting many poorer parts of the world disproportionately hard.

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