The Age of Automation

A revolution within our lifetime

The year is 2021, the pandemic is over and you start your day a-new in a world rid of the horrible coronavirus. In this new Covid19-free world, you are woken up by your automated alarm clock that is synced to your smartwatch based on your sleep needs and activity. You get up and smell the strong aroma of fresh coffee wafting through the house that is made by your automatic coffeemaker. You eat your breakfast and place your dishes in a smart washer that calculates how many dirty pieces are inside before it determines how much water and time will be spent on cleaning up after you. As your kitchen cleans up after itself, and your roomba drifts along the floor, you go to the bathroom to brush your teeth with an A.I activated toothbrush that calculates how long each tooth should be brushed based on how much grit each tooth has. While you’re getting dressed to head over to the office, you say “Hey Google/ Siri/ Alexa/ Cortana, what’s today going to be like, and what’s the top trending news?” - your personalized assistant then provides you with a 3-5 day forecast and details on what’s relevant to your world and your industry. 

After being cleaned up, prepped, and briefed on the world, it’s time to make your way to the bustling city center where your building awaits your entrance for a productive day. You make your way to your garage and speak into your car keys - “Open and turn on”, the car quickly ignites its engine and an automated voice rings out “hello, where would you like to go today?” You respond with a quick “to work” and the coordinates are instantly calculated and off you go in your self-driving car to your destination. On your way there, you make a video call to your VP of sales via Zoom/ Skype/ Teams/ Hangouts to be on the same page before the day even begins in the workspace, or you can drop a facemail using Loom. You reach the building within the heart of the city and make your way up to your office - ready to take on a brave new world. 

“Dream in a pragmatic way.” - Aldous Huxley

Once you make yourself comfortable at your desk you observe all the new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools at your disposal to upgrade your arsenal of production along with new robotic co-workers, also known as Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS), to be of assistance and/or a primary workforce within your industry. Let’s go over your options, shall we? 

The Pandemic has brought a lot of changes over a 1-year course, and we’ve even kept up-to-date with some of these wonderful innovative technologies. We all thought “the future” would come in with a big boom! Wrong! It came in quietly through our home-office setups - our confined quarantine spaces, the almost empty offices, warehouses, and industrial floors. With a subtle, but swift, call to action - technology and innovation have saved us all from dropping the ball on productivity, work, and progress. With these new modifications on how we connect and stay connected, we opened up a virtual world of possibilities that now share the real-world space as its top feature. 

Powering on your computer now gives you state-of-the-art software services at the push of a button to upgrade your ability to work, communicate, and share progress with your entire network. Accessibility, compatibility, and organizational management are all key benefits of SaaS. Furthermore, SaaS models have lower upfront costs than conventional tech download and implementation, making them more accessible to a broader variety of enterprises and allowing smaller businesses to disrupt developed industries while still encouraging suppliers - which makes it ideal for startups! 

Tools such as Figma, Mockplus, Proofhub, and provide you and your team interactive collaboration to share documents, manage projects, and track the progress of work marked by you and your colleagues. These tools are of outstanding value to keep tabs on goal-orientated tasks and deadlines with strong communications across all teams via multiple collaborative platforms. 

Speaking of collaboration, since we’ve been gone from our workspaces for so long, a new colleague has entered into the field - robotics. Now, robots are not here to “steal our jobs” as some may have predicted, but they are indeed here to make our lives easier and burden-free of monotonous or hard labour tasks. So let's sync.

Most of us have seen the wonders of what an Amazon warehouse full of robots is capable of doing, but companies like BotsAndUs take robotics to a new level with in-house robots acting on the frontlines and the backlot. Not only are their robots capable of keeping you up-to-date with your inventory and storage areas, be it a warehouse or backlog spaces, with Mim - their customer service robot Bo can take on the role of greeter and service provider to any retail, office, or hospitality scenario. These new colleagues will come programmed with software and analytics tailored to your business needs for any crowd or a solution for crowded spaces.

“Building a world where robots liberate us from dull and repetitive work so we can focus on the things that truly matter.” - Andrei Danescu

In this new age of workforce methods and practice, one proverb stands true, “All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl” The burnout is real, folks! And to avoid an overstressed state of mind, we must make time for fun activities via Unlock or schedule a coffee/tea time with our colleagues via Yoffix. Whatever the case may be, taking the time to talk to our coworkers in a casual setting builds bonds, team confidence, and connecting with a purpose. Make a fun day out of it, like “Musical Mondays/ Tasty Tuesdays/ Woke Wednesdays/ Thirsty Thursdays/ Feel Good Fridays” are some lively theme-focused ideas to implement across a monthly or quarterly calendar.

The above-mentioned collaborative applications, software and machines, are but a few of hundreds, if not thousands, of options you can apply to your business necessities. Reading insightful e-books like The Ultimate Remote Work Tools Landscape can also give you a wide range of tools to seek out what best suits you and your team. 

With so many choices, we’ve decided to provide you a short story scenario to envision yourself applying some of these awesome tools today! These revolutionary tools and machines are completely available at a moment’s notice, with a push of a button, and at your very fingertips. All you have to do is act upon them and integrate. 

If you have any questions on how to implement these in your office, a shared space, or in a remote setting - we’d love to hear from you on how we can help.

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