The Future of Work is Now | part II

Part II

In our last article, The Future of Work is Now, we introduced the 8 scenarios as to what the future of work is looking like. Furthermore, how a worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has triggered these factors into a rapid rate of development. Each scenario has a profound impact on how the socio-economic world functions and will progressively develop now, and years to come.

To imagine that all of them are playing out simultaneously, around the world, and at different paces can be quite scary or grim to think about. That’s why we have to maintain collective focus and face the music together for the best soundtrack to move forward.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” — Buckminster Fuller

Considering the complex dynamics that impact the workforce and the fragile circumstances we’re currently living with a COVID-19 pandemic on our hands. We can shape and mold a mixture of these 8 scenarios occurring concurrently in a more harmonious fashion. We, in general, tend to focus on symptoms and not the problem causing it. That’s why innovators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs see what others fail to and address the cause directly with solutions and practical approaches. We must support those leading the way during times of great change.

In order for these leaders to have a fighting chance to do good by society, proper education and technology must be available to all of us. In our schools and education systems — innovations in curriculums for the XXI century must be finely tuned. Students must be educated to approach the workforce with practical and technical solutions and armed with the understandings of the past and current world to help build the world of tomorrow. People of all ages, especially young adults entering the workforce, must have access to means of upgrading their skills, the know-how of current tools, trade qualified or digitally able to handle the globalized virtual world.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” — Victor Frankl

The fusion of the digital and analogue world is an inevitable reality, and we must have people plugged-in teaching these new tools and the proper way to wield such responsibility. As the majority of us make-up the world workforce, and soon to be mainly online only present, we too have an obligation when constructing our futures. Now is the future for many, soon — for the majority. To dream of brighter days, we must do our part and take the time to adapt to new roles and tools available for us to build — together. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Here and now is a relevant time for all to see what others could not yet fathom — a brilliant collective future. With just a simple search online you too can see powerful insights on how to build a local, national or global business base outside your country and how to act accordingly — for free or at a near-zero marginal cost. During these times of constraint and home quarantine, if you need any suggestions, check out our tips for working abroad. Our modern world holds many limits in terms of what you can do to accomplish a dream, what you can do on the internet — is limitless.

“To dream of brighter days, we must do our part and take the time to adapt to new roles and tools available for us to build — Together.”

Today is a significant time for all of us to harmoniously assimilate our new future. Now is the time to reinvent ourselves with a digital image and identity. At this moment, more than ever before, is the time to make your presence online known to local and world recruiters, institutions, governments, etc. Work collaboratively with people in your town or abroad on impactful projects that will not only benefit your well being but will be of service and value to others. Be passionate about what you do as work. Let the word “VALUE” be the guide of the future of work to shine through like a beacon.

Value is not only found in profit but finds wealth within significance.

To reiterate, while these scenarios are just in their initial stages, this exercise is designed to help leaders and workers worldwide consider alternative paths that the global labor market could take as a consequence of massive change due to a large scale COVID-19 pandemic. We will pull through this and construct better approaches.

Luckily, we have prime examples and pioneers testing out the healthiest and most manageable ways to positively tackle this Coronavirus situation head-on. Bringing to us — today, the future. We must see these innovators as leaders and follow the example. The keys — Collaboration and Solidarity. As of now, nothing will be as it was yesterday. As said by an old Arabic proverb, “What is coming is better than what is gone.”

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