Unicorns in Portugal

Portugal has become a breeding ground for startups and new ideas, and nothing sounds more enticing than to be part of the phenomenon of a launching a business that one day might reach a valuation of $1,000,000,000 — or in other words — grow from initial seed investment, funding rounds, to eventual Unicorn status.

Portugal is one of the hotspots in Europe to invest or start up something new and innovative in the global market. A bold statement? No, a fact! With a repertoire of enticing companies like Unbabel, Outsystems, Talkdesk, Farfetch, and Sensei, the country has seen steady growth in technology and innovative platforms that’s attracted European and global attention since early 2015 — still promising in 2020 and beyond.

Key Take Aways:

  • Quality & Quantity — #1 in quality of life for expats and migrants, with such a diverse geographical landscape, and chill lifestyle — people are flocking to Portugal to grow their careers, business, connections, opportunities, and themselves.
  • Tech Talent — With access to a wide range of top skilled talent and professionals from all over the globe, the tech sector’s most valuable players are coming to Portugal to be part of this growing hub.
  • Favorable Circumstances — With a booming liberal democracy and expanding market, Portugal has shown itself to be a charming, seductive, and cooperative country to start, flourish, and do business.

The buzz around Portugal hasn’t let down in 2020, even with a worldwide pandemic issue still at large. Multiple events, both online and offline, have been programmed to continue pushing the idea that Portugal, specifically Lisbon, is the European Silicon Valley.

The country is constantly looking to invest and partner up with initiatives to attract young, talented, and diverse professionals to work and live in Lisbon, or even all over Portugal. Hosting a wide range of online and offline events like;

  • WebSummit — “The world’s largest technology conference”, bringing together people, startups, and companies from around the world to redefine the global tech industry.

Portugal — A Gem

Even though the Mediterranean weather is a big plus for most people living here, with an average of 300 days of sunshine, what’s bringing people in from all over the world is the opportunity to invest. Be it in themselves, a new or existing business, or a possible unicorn venture. Not only is the quantity of these prospects on the rise, so is the quality of the possibilities Portugal is offering to those willing to believe and establish

What was once a rough gem, is now being polished to become a precious stone in the European Zone’s eyes. It’s no wonder the European Economic Association / EAA nominated Lisbon, Portugal as the European Green Capital of 2020. But Europeans aren’t the only ones impressed with the small country’s booming progress, the world has also taken notice of the shine coming from the south-western point of Europe — and they’re willing to come from all over, not only a piece of the pastel de nata.

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Hand-Picked Talent

With a surge of expats and migrants coming to Portugal for a new life opportunity, solidifying a business to give access to these prospects has been increasingly appealing. So much so, that large corporations like Google, Bose, Samsung, Nokia, and automobile companies like Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz have migrated their innovation hubs to the country to reap the benefits of all these fresh, mainly young, talents coming in from all over the world.

With initiatives coming from social networks like Internations, Prospects, Digital Nomads, and LinkedIn, people from all walks of life have plugged-in to secure an opportunity here in the sunshine country of the EEA. Even though tourism, hospitality, and service center is the dominant force for employment, jobs can also be found in the telecommunications industry, real estate, aerospace, IT, programming, and biotechnology. With so many specialized workers, free agents, and qualified experts — your next venture in the little Iberic country is ripe for the taking. The Mediterranean climate and lifestyle are very enticing, but what keeps bringing people to Portugal — is the promise of opportunity and growth.

Tech Boom

Technology and Innovation have become one of the country’s key growth areas in Lisbon since circa 2015. Portugal has developed into a start-up hub center over the last few years with a big help from government-backed and private sector initiatives, such as; Startup Portugal a self-proclaimed “one-stop-shop” for all your concerns, needs, and interests regarding “how-to” startup in Portugal; Portugal Startups a news portal for the latest trends and innovations at the forefront of Portugal’s development; Startup Lisboa a non-profit organization from the private sector providing a support system for entrepreneurs and a community based on knowledge and sharing; EIC Pilot a massive initiative provided by a council of EEA members to fuel worthwhile startup ideas into their launch phase.

A helping hand is of no shortage for Portugal, especially Lisbon, and it doesn’t seem like those hands will waver anytime soon. So plan it out, articulate, and seek the help you need to send your investment flying through the air once ready to launch — Portugal is hungry for newcomers with fresh, exciting, and world-changing ideas.

Come Find Out For Yourself

Even though a pandemic can be an obstacle to making a big move, or set your sights on your next investment — Portugal welcomes all with open arms to build a new, fresh, young, inspiring country. Even though the country is small, there’s more than enough elbow room for everyone to grow their careers, expand their business, invest in dreams, and develop that next big idea that will give birth to yet another Unicorn. Because if we love anything more than innovative startups, its the glory of seeing one become a legendary Unicorn and being a part of its story.

Come plant your seed in Lisbon, Portugal — you never know what may grow.

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